Why We Overeat According to David Kessler

Why We Overeat According to David Kessler

by Genesis Coaches

By Melvyn Yeo

Have you ever noticed the things that you tend to overeat and not overeat?

As experienced by our personal training and fitness bootcamp clients, foods that people mostly overeat without a limit have the combinations of sugar, fats and salt. In comparison, foods that people tend not to be overeat are mainly pure proteins, fats, fibers.

With advanced technology, the products do not actually have to contain a high amount of the product, as there are companies that can create a compound that gives the exact same taste. In order for sugars not to be listed as the main ingredient, there may have 3 or more types of different sugars.
The foods that tend to attract us have to appeal to multiple sensors such as visual appeal, aroma, taste and flavor, texture and mouth feel.

The reasons why certain foods hold its power over us is due to it being given a emotional value while we were young, it may have been a argument with family and having that slice of cake made the day better. This action motivates us knowing that the cake will make things better.

The anticipation of a particular reward motivates us to act and achieve anything required for that particular reward. This is due to dopamine telling us to go ahead by making us remember the pleasures we first had the particular item, as dopamine is involved in the activation aspects that cause us to look for food.

What we can do to try ending overeating is to understand why we carry such an emotional value over the foods, refuse the foods that you cannot control, create a nutritional rulebook and stick to it for a period of time and lastly limit the exposure to the item that you face the most trouble in.



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