Trip Report PICP 1 And 2 – Perth Australia

Trip Report PICP 1 And 2 – Perth Australia

by Genesis Coaches

By Chris Lim

Going overseas for a course to learn from the best in Health & Fitness industry has been always been a dream for me and a “to do” checklist in my career as a coach since Year 2005. My first footstep on Perth was welcome by the cool weather spring and bush flies to my face, which I have not experience in Singapore before.

Food in Perth was easily accessible in supermarket. There was a lot of Free Range products like Meat, organic eggs and vegetables. That was the first experience I get to eat such nutritious food, and it really taste great, despite without any supplementation, I felt leaner and my energy level was even better without any supplementation during a week stay.

Jen, Malcolm, and I with Ryan and John

Our P.I.C.P course for level 1 & 2 was held at Shredded Institute, Perth’s most well-equipped gym own by Marty Williams and Kelly Martinovich. Our course was being conducted by John Connor and Ryan Faehnle, both of them shared great experience in training high level athletes and all question were well answered by them, coming from participants from all walks of life, like personal trainer, medical student, gymnastic, rugby, fitness model and power lifer. It was a positive and encouraging environment, working out in a group, whenever there were practical sessions to experience different types of program and exercise techniques.

Getting to see Charles Poliquin in person was great, hearing from Jon that he has massive arm size, he’s indeed a role model and preaches what he does best. During this trip in perth, the bonding among coaches with Jen and Malcolm was good. Due to our work, we hardly have the time to sit down together and chit chat. It was a good time to know them well and share our passion to help our clients to get them into a healthy lifestyle with a positive and encouraging environment.

I would like to thank Genesis Gym, Coach Jon and Aunty Doreen in creating a supportive environment for the staff to excel on what they do best, believing and nurturing them to be a better and competent coach to lead the Health & Fitness industry not just in Singapore and Asia. It’s important to have a supportive company that helps growing staff enrichment with the right work balance in and out of daily life, thus, I bet you can’t find any health and fitness companies that could provide such amazing environment.

I also would like to thank Marty and Kelly for providing the participants every chance to experience all the great equipment in Shredded Institute. Lastly, I would like to thank Charles Poliquin to share his methodology and principal in training, nutrition and supplementation around the world to give coaches and personal trainers a better way to train their clients with great result effectively and efficiently.



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