Things get better by design not by chance

Things get better by design not by chance

by Coachjon

Recently I was taking a taxi. I had the pleasure of meeting perhaps the fittest taxi driver in Singapore. He did some form of exercise each and every day and was a former member of the Singapore air force. Unlike most people who get fatter as they get older, this guy wears the same size pants as he did as an air force regular. He is also able to run’s a 10 minute 2.4km, and a 65 sec 400m… It was pretty impressive. I even had the pleasure of helping him with some trigger points in his forearms which were possibly from spending all day gripping the steering wheel.

All wonderful news… except for a sad part of the story. He has a son who is a fat slob (his words not mine). The culprit: Computer games… no surprise but still quite a numbing thought. I mean with a fit dad like this, I believe the child has a good role model to follow. But still, healthy habits are not the norm for most people.

That is why as part of the fitness bootcamp and personal training programs at Genesis Gym, habit formation and step by step guidance with lifestyle choices is a big part of our coaching program. It is impossible to be lean, healthy and strong without a great lifestyle to back up your hard work in the gym.

Thats what happens if lifestyle habits do not match gym training

Coach Jonathan Wong is a Singapore personal trainer and performance expert. He is also a fitness author and a member of Singapore Men’s Health Advisory Panel.

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