Solution for Your Sweet Tooth (Part 2)

Solution for Your Sweet Tooth (Part 2)

by Genesis Coaches

By Malcolm Pow

In the first part, we talked about 2 sweet treats that are healthy. Fortunately for us, the list doesn’t stop there. Here are 2 more healthy sweet treats for your sweet tooth


Berries are loaded with anti-oxidants

Members of our gym will know I’m not a huge advocate of daily fruit intake. Not if you want to be lean and living in great health, anyway. The only exception is berries. Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries…the more the better. Berries are also a great alternative to candy for kids.

These beautifully delicious fruits are jammed packed with biologically active phytonutrients, making them remarkably powerful antioxidants and health enhancers. Isn’t there something ever so luxurious about a bowl of berries mixed in heavy cream (a personal favourite of mine by the way) with your post meal?

One word of warning on berries though, conventionally they are quite toxic, so always choose organic. There are toxins on both the outside and the inside of berries. So washing doesn’t help much. If toxins don’t bother you just compare the taste – it’s like eating water compared to incredible sweetness and flavour.

Dark Organic Chocolate (chocolate lovers rejoice!)

Dark chocolate is good for weight loss...for real!

Okay so dark chocolate sure isn’t as sweet as milk, but hey, it’s still chocolate nonetheless. There is a catch though, it has to be at least 70% and organic.

According to world renounced Strength and Conditioning Coach and creator of BioSignature Modulation Charles Poliquin, eating up to 90 grams of lead-free organic dark chocolate each day can actually assist in weight loss! Not to mention a hell lot of ‘feel-good’ factor I might add!

Cocoa is rich in polyphonol antioxidants, particularly important for females to support a healthy uterus. Remember, no more than 90 grams, and it should be at least 70% dark and organic. To release flavour and reduce pigging out, shave the chocolate with a grater before eating it.

So what are you having for desserts later?



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