Solution for Your Sweet Tooth (Part 1)

Solution for Your Sweet Tooth (Part 1)

by Genesis Coaches

By Malcolm Pow

One popular topic among the clients in Genesis Gym is actually what food can they indulge in to break away from the monotonous foods they have been eating (and keep their sanity in check) without jeopardizing their fat loss. It is understandable for one yearning to succumb to their sugar cravings after eating as “clean” as a whistle for a period of time. We are human after all. Even I sporadically experience that pressing need or should I say, want, for something deliciously, naughtily sweet.

How awesome would it be if there were guilt free sweet treats that actually contributed to improved health and even weight loss? Here are some that actually makes the cut:

Stevia: Sugar Substitute


It’s a lifesaver for those who love to bake or (admit it!) sprinkle sugar on their food from time to time. This South American herb is actually 30 times sweeter and can be up to 300 times sweeter than sugar when in its liquid format. The real deal is that Stevia has virtually zero-calorie and no effect on your blood sugar. Most artificial sweeteners cause fat storage since they are so effective at tricking your body to release insulin.

Organic white wine or champagne

Good News for Social Drinkers out there

Even though they do not offer as much benefits as red wine, they are just as beneficial for their antioxidant properties as what red wine is. Wine contains the before-mentioned polyphonol antioxidant but also has the antioxidant resveratrol. It improves immune and heart health, and even aids in the release of certain stored body fats.

The list does not stop here (Thank goodness!). I will list down 2 more treats for you to indulge in the next blog post. Until then, enjoy your stevia and champagne, guilt free!



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