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Simple but Powerful: Sleep in the Dark

Simple but Powerful: Sleep in the Dark

by Genesis Coaches

By Tobias Kananggar Ganda

Sleep is an important component of healthy lifestyle too!

In Genesis Gym, we always tell our personal training and bootcamp clients that sufficient and high quality sleep is as important as effective training program and healthy diet in the quest of achieving the fitness goals. There are a lot of articles published in various health magazines or online about how to have high quality of sleep, about how many hours of sleep is sufficient. However, most articles miss this 1 important point that is to sleep in darkness.

Sleep in darkness is another very important aspect of good quality sleep. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked and underrated. But let it be not overlooked and underrated anymore. Here is one research that is surely gonna give it the amount of attention it deserves.

As published in the December 1, 2005 issue of Cancer research, researchers found that sleeping in darkness promotes a healthy blood level of melatonin, a hormone that can significantly suppress the cancer cell proliferation and tumor growth. Furthermore, they also found that sleeping under light exposure causes a large drop in blood level of melatonin. The reason behind this is simply because lights disrupt its natural production as it is produced mostly during the complete absence of light.

This is why women with night shift work schedule have a “higher than average” risk of developing breast cancer. This finding also explains why breast cancer is 5 times more common in modernized countries compared to less developed ones. It might be also the reason behind lower rates of cancer among visually challenged people compared to people who have no problems with vision.

You won't be in this situation if you sleep in the dark

Other than protecting you from cancer, sleeping in the dark can also keep you calm and happy while protecting you from depression. Melatonin affects the production of serotonin, a brain chemical that gives us a sense of calm and satisfaction or wellbeing.

Furthermore, other than cancer and depression, melatonin deficiency, which is triggered mostly by light exposure during sleeps, can also weaken immune system, increase risk of osteoporosis and heart disease.

With so many major problems associated with such a simple failure of sleeping in the dark, I believe it is wise to take this “simple” matter seriously. Therefore, start sleeping in the dark now. Protect yourself from the danger of cancer, depression, etc.

In Genesis Gym, we find that our personal training and bootcamp clients experience a higher sense of wellbeing and happiness as well as higher energy level as soon as they start sleeping in the dark. By sleeping in the dark, you can experience the same too!



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