Passion, Love, and Patience = Result

Passion, Love, and Patience = Result

by Genesis Coaches

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Jen at Singapore Strongest Man Challenge 2011

By Jen Li Sheng

There’s a Chinese saying: 积少成多. Loosely translated, it means the accumulation of little can result in much.

I mused about this adage and how it applies, while preparing for the upcoming Strongman Challenge. I beleive it also applies to the motivation we try to give our personal training and fitness bootcamp clients.

Very often in training, we do not reap the rewards of our labor immediately. However, when the training goal is reached, the sense of satisfaction is definitely gratifying, especially when hard work and effort has been poured into the endeavor. Still, until that grand moment arrives, one is often faced with the mundane task of accumulating the “little”. Going to the gym, keeping to your diet, managing your rest and sleep. As they say, every little bit helps.

No matter what, there will be days when you deviate from accumulating the little.

Then, perhaps, life throws a curve ball at you. Work piles up. Family requires your time and attention. Or the task of reaching that training goal suddenly seems so boring or daunting, that accumulating the little loses its appeal.

For those of you hoping for a life changing solution to the above situations, sorry to disappoint. I ain’t Anthony Robbins. Everyone’s different, motivated in their own ways, and in distinct situations.

So, may I humbly offer you some different perspectives on this subject from a variety of authors.

Charles Poliquin believes that love should drive you. Do you love abs, or do you love that sugar glazed donut more?

Related to love, Nick Mitchell views his children as his source of motivation. It drives him to “be the best that (he) can be”, and to “train like a madman”. Applicable to those of you seeking to improve your health and well being for the sake of your family.

Matt Kroczaleski, champion powerlifter offers his insights on staying motivated. More applicable to the dedicated athlete.

Charles Stanley talks about intrinsic motivation, and extrinsic motivation, as well as a practical guide to measure and work towards your goals. Don’t suffer from herd mentality, even if you do join one of our bootcamps.

Zig Ziglar once said that “Motivation is like showering. The effects are not long term – but that’s why it’s recommend that you do it daily”. Whether your morale be low or high, whether it’s smooth sailing or tough, whether you feel driven or lazy, find what motivates you. Use it every day. And keep continuing to accumulate the little.



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