Misconceptions Abound

Misconceptions Abound

by Coachjon

Misconceptions are here to stay.....unfortunately

Once I happened to be around town at the same time that my dad and his former colleagues were having lunch. I happened to be near by and was asked if I wanted to have a meal together. Of course the usual health questions came up, and unfortunately, many “well known” truths in the field of health and fitness, are not getting passed on to the general public.

After all, these were well educated people who have good jobs and make decent amounts of money, mostly in the finance field. However they have a large number of misconceptions about health.

For example:

  • Situps are a great way to train your core
  • A calorie is a calorie (i.e. it doesn’t matter if you eat 1000 calories of veggies and meat, or 1000 calories of potato chips and pasta)
  • Jogging is a great way to burn fat
  • The best way to train for a 2.4km run is to run longer distances so that 2.4km will feel “short”

The Genesis Team of coaches spends many thousands of dollars and hours each year learning from the best people in the health world so that we can educate and inform our personal training and fitness bootcamp clients about the safest and most effective methods of getting great results.

But clearing up questions like these one person at a time is not going to happen. But fortunately, we have the benefit of the internet and websites like this to help out. Perhaps one day the old wives tales will be gone.

Coach Jonathan Wong is a Singapore personal trainer and performance expert. He is also a fitness author and a member of Singapore Men’s Health Advisory Panel.

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