Man Up!

Man Up!

by Genesis Coaches

By Jen Li Sheng

Over here at genesis gym, we don’t try to instil a sense of machismo in our clients, nor do we have an agenda of dominance.

But I gotta say that the general caliber of males nowadays are just… well, disappointing.

A little knock, a little bruise, a little push and they crumble like a stack of cards. I know of (womanly) female clients that are made of tougher stuff.

This is what most guys becoming now

Some guys nowadays seem more content to spend their time becoming keyboard warriors than really getting any real physical work done.

And don’t get me started on their dressing.

And so, it was refreshing to stumble upon a site “dedicated to uncovering the lost art of being a man”.

Now, this website ( ain’t about girls in skimpy clothing, or how make love like hamsters.

Their mission is to help men “be better husbands, better fathers, and better men”, and to “man up”.

Want to learn about the virtues of wisdom, courage and justice? Look under their “manvotionals” for an insight into such values.

Can’t tell the difference between a black tie and a semi formal event? Look under dress and grooming to get some ideas on what to wear for the right event.

Need advise on how to communicate better? Learn how to look people in the eye, pay attention to others and how to hold a conversation.

Wanna acquire some manly skills? The site teaches you, amongst other things, how to construct a multi purpose workbench, how to patch a hole in your drywall, how to cook an omelette.

One of its latest entries even teaches you how to make your own prowler. That gets a manly nod in my books.

So go on. Delve into the site. Dig up a useful nugget of information or two. Build up the man inside of you.

For a strong, sturdy hardware to encase that newfound character of yours, you can look towards our personal training services or our bootcamps to help you.



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