Is Your Shampoo Making You Fat?

Is Your Shampoo Making You Fat?

by Genesis Coaches

By Malcolm Pow

Effect of XenoestrogenHidden deep within all those foreign chemicals on the ingredients label of your shampoo bottle is a host of chemicals known as “Xenoestrogens”. Unlike natural estrogens, these external synthetic forms of the female hormone estrogens are very difficult for your body to dispose off, thus creating an excess of estrogens and causing havoc on your hormone function. Increased body fat is just one of the numerous symptoms of xenoestrogens to name.

Ensure you are not gaining excess body fat from your shampoo by looking out for these common xenoestrogens ingredients:


Parabens are rampantly found in most personal care products. They imitate estrogens and are used as a preservative to give shelf life to shampoos and conditioners. There are evidences indicating a direct link between paraben exposure and low testosterone and even breast cancer. Eradicate any shampoo with an ingredient that ends with the suffix “-paraben” (e.g. methylparaben, butylparaben).

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate / Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS)

SLS are commonly used because they are inexpensive and are responsible for that thick lather of foam that most people are programmed to believe is responsible for cleaning their hair. Don’t fall prey to believing that you need thick suds to clean your hair. You don’t! Sulfates that enter your blood stream through your head have been linked to everything from excessive estrogen load to malformation of the eyes of the children.

Propylene Glycol and Polyethylene Glycol

These are common “organic” alcohols anti-freeze are used in everything from makeup to stain removers and as a fragrance stabilizer for shampoos and lotions. They tend to break down the structure of your cells to allow rapid absorption of the other xenoestrogens in your shampoo for a shotgun blast of female hormones straight into your bloodstream.

General rule of thumb, your shampoo shouldn’t lather up like most commercial brands since you want to stay away from the toxic foaming agents. Always read the ingredients of the shampoo before buying. Just because it says “Organic” on the front label, doesn’t mean it isn’t guilty of harboring toxic chemicals.

Now, you realize how susceptible you are to “environmental toxic”. So, it is important for you to detoxify yourself once in a while. Detoxification will make you healthier and also help you to lose fat faster.



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MMA Guy 25 Jan 2012

Hi, almost all of the shampoos on the shelf of supermarkets contain these substances. Do you have any recommendations that don’t contain these substances?

Coachjon 23 Feb 2012

Check out they have a good variety

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