Highlights of PICP 1 & 2 – Australia 2012

Highlights of PICP 1 & 2 – Australia 2012

by Genesis Coaches

By Jen Li Sheng

Chris, Malcolm, and I with Ryan and John

One of the highlights of attending the PICP  Level 1 and 2 was being exposed to the high level of coaching provided by our instructors, John Conner and Ryan Faehnle. Clear instructions, concise cues and a  keen eye for detail showcased their professionalism and experience in the field of coaching. And their no nonsense approach to training would either inspire or intimidate you into leaving your guts on the gym floor.

The course gave me a greater appreciation to the use of structural balance in the programs we use at Genesis Performance,  as well as providing me with new exercises to use with our clients. But more importantly, their level of coaching set the standard for me to aspire towards. I can’t wait to attend more of such courses, and am looking towards attending PICP level 3 and BioSgnature!



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