Here is How to be Younger, Healthier, and Leaner

Here is How to be Younger, Healthier, and Leaner

by Genesis Coaches

By Tobias Kananggar

In our gym, we preach a low-carb diet for our personal training and fitness bootcamp client. One of the reasons is because of insulin. Insulin, as much as we need it, causes our cells to be aging faster if the amount is excessive.

Here is how it happens.

According to the research of Cynthia Kenyon, PhD., of University of California at San Francisco, there are 2 genes in our bodies. One is called “sweet sixteen” gene and the other is “grim reaper” gene. As the name suggests, “sweet sixteen” gene keeps our cells young while “grim reaper” gene accelerates cellular aging.

High Sugar FoodHigh level of insulin turns on the “grim reaper” gene. The gene soon turns off the “sweet sixteen” gene. As the result, the cellular aging process is accelerated throughout our bodies. This is the reason why diabetics often have shorter lifespan.

As our cells aged, they are more susceptible to “aging diseases”, such as osteoporosis, dementia, muscle mass loss, etc. Also, aged cells are more insulin resistance, a condition that makes it easier for us to get fat and more difficult to lose fat.

As insulin is mainly triggered by high-carb intake, low-carb diet is beneficial for us. We will feel younger, get healthier, and get leaner faster. That is why we encourage our clients to have a low-carb diet.



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