Flip Flop With Built-in Gym? Ah-Maze-Ing!

Flip Flop With Built-in Gym? Ah-Maze-Ing!

by Genesis Coaches

By Jen Li Sheng

I’m considering quitting my job as a personal trainer at Genesis Gym.

That’s right, you read correctly.

Think I’ve found a more rewarding (i.e. lucrative) way to earn a living.

I’m gonna sell shoes.

Not just any shoe though.

I’m gonna sell Fit Flops

Ta Daaa!

It’s “the flip flop with the gym built in”.

That’s right folks. I’m gonna forgo my training knowledge, the dumbbells, the machines, and even the treadmill. (I can hear you gasping, ”Forget about the treadmill?! Blasphemy!’. )

Fit flops has “patent-pending Microwobbleboard midsole technology, which was biomechanically engineered by Dr David Cook and Darren James at London South Bank University (LSBU)” Personally, I never heard of the university nor the doctor before, but hey, sounds legit.

Walking in FitFlops will “increase leg and bottom activity (up to 30%)”. It will “absorb more shock than a normal shoe (up to 20%)”. It can “realign ground reaction force closer to your joints”.

Don’t know what that last one means, but it must be good, I’m sure.

Yup, my shoes do none of that for me, because they are just shoes

And I’m certain fit flops are not in any way similar to the rebook easy tone, which got sued for making false claims about butt toning. I mean, one is a shoe. The other is a flip flop.

And what’s the retail price for this amazing product?

An amazing 159.90


In fact, I personally think it’s modest. After all, a rather revolutionary product, isn’t it?

And selling these babies would mean that technically, I would still be in the fitness industry. Only I have ventured into the fashion industry as well. Kinda like diversifying.

And if this doesn’t fall through eventually, I could always sell the shake weight. That’s another money maker.



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