Eat Healthy…At Least For Your Baby

Eat Healthy…At Least For Your Baby

by Genesis Coaches

By Tobias Kananggar Ganda

While maintaining your health throughout your life is important, doing so is even more important for pregnant ladies. The reason is simply because the health of pregnant ladies affects the health of the babies. Furthermore, such effects are gonna be carried over all the way to the adulthood.

If a pregnant mother gains weight excessively during pregnancy, there is a high chance the baby is born chubby and fat. Also, it might cause difficulty during delivery. At the end, caesarian might be the only choice, which might leave huge scar on the mother. Of course you don’t want your loved ones or yourself to have this huge scar.

Obese Infant - High Risk of Diabetes

More importantly, unhealthy diet during pregnancy will increase the risk of diabetes on the baby. According to the research done by Yuan-Xiang Pan from the University of Illinois, such diet alters the gene expression on the baby’s liver function, causing it to over-produce glucose. Consequently, this will cause insulin resistance and eventually, diabetes type 2. As a parent or parent to be, you definitely don’t want your children to go through such experience in their lives, right?

So, it is very important, especially for pregnant ladies, to maintain a healthy diet. Having said that, adjusting to a healthy diet during pregnancy is a daunting task. That is why doing so before the pregnancy is always the better option.

Healthy Infants

Having known the importance of a healthy diet for ladies, especially during pregnancies, over here in our gym, we always equip our female clients, either female personal training or fitness bootcamp clients, with a healthy diet, nutritional guidance, and knowledge. By doing that, they will be ready to maintain their healthy diet during pregnancies and at the end, deliver healthy babies. You can be as ready as them too!



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