Course Review – PICP 1 & 2

Course Review – PICP 1 & 2

by Genesis Coaches

By Malcolm Pow

On 28th November 2011, 3 of us from Genesis Gym (Chris, Jen and I) attended the Poliquin International Certification Program (PICP) level one and two in Perth, Australia. The course lasted five days and was conducted at Shredded Strength Institute.

Chris, Jen, and I with Ryan and John

The course conductors were John Connor and Ryan Faehnle. Over the short span of five days, an extensive range of materials were covered ranging from structural balance assessments for upper and lower extremity to programme design. We were taught the significance of the remedial lifts which works the smaller muscle group and how it will impact the bigger compound movements. Everything was discussed at length. In fact, the information was so overwhelming that we were blown away by their extensive wealth of knowledge and experience.

This course has not only reinforced what we had known but also taught us a great deal new stuff. Something new that I learned was the importance of the calf muscle. The calf consists of the Soleus which is primarily used for standing upright and the Gastrocnemius used for running and jumping. A little unknown part of the anatomy of the calf is that it is responsible for blood circulation. It is known as the peripheral heart because it is located outside the body.  The main objective of the calf muscle pump is to move used blood from the lower legs against gravity back to the body for refreshment with oxygen and other elements that the body needs to maintain an optimum environment for efficient working.

To simply put this trip to Perth was productive would be an understatement. PICP 1 and 2 has enriched my knowledge and open my eyes to new horizons. I will like to extend my thanks to John and Ryan for their time in teaching us and making the class fun as well as the owners of Shredded Strength Institute, Marty and Kelly for their generous hospitality.



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