Chemistry101: Acids and Bases!

Chemistry101: Acids and Bases!

by Genesis Coaches

By Alison Yen

The metabolism of many major nutrients generates acids in our bodies. Acid loads can also come from food consumption and normal metabolic processes such as respiration, tissue metabolism, etc. The cells in our bodies can only function at a certain delicate acid-base balance, as such, it is important to neutralize these acids.

“Heck it! I just want to lose fat and/or gain muscle, what has this got to do with me?”

I hear you. But before you think this is all bull crap, hold it. I always tell the clients at Genesis Gym that a healthy and well-functioning body will burn fat and build lean mass more efficiently.

Fruit alkalizes your body

Alkalizing our bodies will help reduce the health issues associated with the chronic consumption of an acidic diet – e.g. higher levels of blood cortisol, loss of muscle mass, growth hormone resistance, etc. The problems occur because our bodies have to look for buffering substances (our minerals and proteins) in order to counteract the high acid loads. This leaching of minerals from bones causes an increased chance of osteoporosis and kidney stone formation (due to heavy mineral losses excreted in the urine).
Now, what can you do about it?

First and foremost, if you are still eating processed food (anything that does not swim, fly, run, crawl or grow from the ground), please change your nutrition.

Below are a few more recommendations that you can start implementing:

Potatoes are not green vegetables!

1. Eat more green vegetables with each meal/feeding
2. Supplement with L-Glutamine especially if you are training effectively with weights on a frequent basis
3. Avoid adding too much salt in your food
4. Take a Greens supplement

The small things do count. Make these simple changes and get your health back.

Remember, how you care for your body is how it will take care of you in the years to come.



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