Carnitine – Underappreciated Key For Fat Loss

Carnitine – Underappreciated Key For Fat Loss

by Genesis Coaches

By Chris Lim

red meatFirst, what’s Carnitine? It’s a nutrient that is found in mostly red meat like beef or lamb.

What does it do then?

There’s no disagreement about what it does to the body. Carnitine is the “escort” for fat on its journey into the little “furnaces” of the cell, where it is burned for fuel. There are studies showing that supplemental Carnitine significantly increased fat loss and reduced fat gain. Thus, Carnitine is absolutely necessary to burn fat.

Here are what you should keep in mind about Carnitine.

• Carnitine works best when insulin is low because insulin blunts its action

• The main sources of Carnitine are animal-based foods. So, if you are a vegetarian, especially if you are trying to lose weight, it is important for you to take Carnitine supplement

• Carnitine lowers cortisol levels which helps you with the fat loss

• Carnitine reduces cholesterol and risk for atherosclerosis, as shown by a new research study (Kang, J., Lee, W., et al.) in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology

• Carnitine enhances fat burning and muscle building process, as well as physical performance

It is important to take note that Carnitine alone CANNOT promote weight loss. However, in combination with proper nutrition and exercise, it WILL decrease body-fat and body weight. Its conjunction with paleo or caveman diet, which is gonna keep your insulin low, and exercise program makes a winning combination !!! Carnitine SupplementThat is why we strive to ensure all of our personal training and group training clients to have enough red meat intake complemented with proper nutrition plan and effective training program.

Not a red meat lover or a vegetarian? I will recommend you to get “Carnitine Synergy” supplement to help you improve your body composition in your fat-loss program. Don’t miss such benefits to improve your quality of health.



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Jonathan 13 Jan 2012

Well done Chris, nice first article!

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