Biosignature In Singapore – Melvyn Yeo

Biosignature In Singapore – Melvyn Yeo

by Coachjon

By Melvin Yeo

It had always been a dream of mine to complete the Biosignature modulation by Charles Poliquin, a renowned Olympic strength coach. With the chance to do it in Gold Coast this year, I immediately seized the opportunity to do it.

I had great expectations of the course and was blown away with the amount of information presented by Charles Poliquin. The course taught me how to measure a client’s body fat, according to the Biosignature principles. With these skills, I am able to relate one’s hormonal profile to one’s health and well-being.

Genesis Coach Melvyn Yeo with Charles Poliquin - Gold Coast Dec 2011


In doing so, I would be able to provide clients with the necessary nutritional and supplementation advice, according to their results. The course went further into details of how hormones affect or assist one in their daily lives and how to advise different clients (clients of different ages, gender and fitness levels). For example – stress raises cortisol levels, morbidly obese people do not lose body weight in the first eight weeks and children below 6 years old do not absorb EPA in fish oil efficiently.

Throughout the 5 days in Gold Coast, I was grateful for the opportunity to interact with other coaches from different countries that shared a similar passion in making changes in the Genesis Gym Personal Training clients’ lives.




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