Are you really too old to be healthy?

Are you really too old to be healthy?

by Genesis Coaches

By Chris Lim

“I’m getting old”

“I’m starting to feel my age.”

“I’m too old for that.”

Sounds familiar?

Look at this people who didn’t give up their health even over age 40.

LEFT: Darra Torres (43 years old), a mother who is still competing in Olympics; CENTER: My dad (54 years old), even before battling lymph node cancer, he already trained for body-building; RIGHT: Karl Malone (41 years old), playing high level of basketball before he retired from NBA at age 41

These people are like you and me, with career and family commitments. Still, they are committed to their health.

Erase the age excuse forever

• One thing that people fail to consider is the cumulative effect of years worth of unhealthy living.

• Is the problem that has been blocking you from achieving your training goals really your age or the years of bad eating that have finally caught up with you?

Given both are of the same age, who do you think is going to be healthier?

• The guy who has been eating fast food 5 times a week, drinking alcohols and sleeping 6 hours per day his whole life OR

• The guy who has been eating healthy, minimizing alcohol consumption, and having 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night?

TWO things to make all the difference in the world… attitude & lifestyle.

To Feel and perform your best at any age, you have to make sure you take training and nutrition seriously.

That is why we equip every client who steps into Genesis gym for Personal Training and Bootcamps with quality nutrition knowledge and effective training programs to help them maintain their health.

Sounds familiar? Do yourself a favor, Do Something RIGHT NOW.

Remember this “Don’t drag life, Live Life, Love Life”



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Anu 23 Feb 2012

Great blog! Very informative.

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