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6 Reasons Why You Should Work with Genesis Coaches

6 Reasons Why You Should Work with Genesis Coaches

by Genesis Coaches

By Chris Lim

At Genesis Gym, we always let our clients have their best buck for their money and time they invested into their health and result.

WHY? Because we always give the best possible effective training programs to get them fit and strong.

How? Here’s how.

In Genesis Gym, everyone has training log

• Don’t know how much time to perform rep and set in a perfect technique?
Genesis Coaches will show u how it is done.

• If you are spending hours in the gym and still not slim, something is wrong !!!
Genesis Coaches will make sure you are out of the gym within 60mins.

• If going to a gym to watching your cable TV or read your newspaper on your cardio machine
Genesis Coaches will only make sure you look at our “Genesis TV”

• If you can’t squat one time your body weight, you will be in a SHOCK that strong women exist !!! Have a look at our female boot-campers and personal training clients.
Genesis Coaches design an effective program to get you stronger rather than being weak.

• If you have fitness myths, and it’s getting in your way, e.g : Being Vegans is the only way to be healthy ??
Genesis Coaches will help you avoid these stumbling blocks and misconceptions because our knowledge is rooted with exercise and nutritional science principles.

• You will be held accountable
Genesis Coaches not only motivates you with verbal support but enhance competitiveness in you during training and teaches accountability to live up your expectations for personal improvement.

In Genesis Gym, all Genesis Coaches make sure what you will be getting for in an effective training to get to your goals and needs in, Lean Body Boot-Camp, Mass Building Boot-Camp and Personal Training.



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